vkQuake mods menu and Quoth based maps

Hi, I rediscovered Quake (I was used to play it in the 90s) on Steam, then I moved to vkQuake and, while I was looking for mods, I found this marvellous site :slight_smile:

I load custom maps from vkQuake mod menu to choose and play easily without console commands (I made an autoexec.cfg with “map ” for .bsp ones inside their folders).

I tried this method with Quoth based mods, but it works only if I add Quoth .pak files inside the mods folder (some mods work without them, but they miss sounds, enemies, graphics. etc…)… but it’s such waste of space!
I tried a lot of lines on the autoexec.cfg but none of them worked… Can anybody help me?

For quoth maps you might want to pass -quoth parameter, so like:
vkQuake -quoth +map map_name
Make sure you have quoth folder present. My notes indicate that -quoth doesn’t work with Ironwail engine. You might be interested in Quake Injector - link is in top right corner of this site.

Yeah you’re right. I made a custom pak file with Quot v2.2 files and I’ve put it into mod folder, so I can play it from mod menu directly.
Thank you :slight_smile: