There was a large wad file?
I submitted a lot.
Where’s the sublink gone?


Are you referring to this repository?


Sure! Thanks Bloughsburgh.
My browser was overtaken again by “the wayback machine”.
I don’t know why it happens, logs me out, screws me back to posts of 2015.
I just wanted to know if the Chasm wad already excist.

After several attempts to log in on QuakeTastic I gave up.
Is there a reason why this site is out of order?
Or is it just me? Redirecting to the original site give me whimps of a hacker.

Quaketastic.com is working for me as of 4pm PST, GMT -8. I am in California.

FireFox: http://home.kpn.nl/lo2kf8/onveilig.jpg
GoogleChrome: http://home.kpn.nl/lo2kf8/0nveilig.jpg

For some unexplainable reason it seems to work again.
Almost did cost me a hardbeaten keyboard though.
Still I get these warnings: this site is unsafe and I gave no special permission.