Welcome to Quaddicted v5 or 6!


If you are seeing this message on http://www.quaddicted.com, then your network’s DNS has been synched to the new server.

It is six years since I actively stepped into the Quake scene with “Spirit of 85’s Quake Weblog” so this is a great time to relaunch. Obviously I stay true to the tradition of having a half-broken, half-finished website. It served us well. I do not remember how many “major” site iterations we went through so far, but I guess it was 5 or 6. And how terrible some of those steps were, brrrr.

As you can see the site looks a lot different and there is new functionality, most notably a forum and a wiki engine. Guidelines and rules for contribution are yet to be written, so please do not start editing/adding pages yet.

The site shall be a lot more inviting to newcomers, help them with guides and setup tips, provide articles and analysis for the die-hard fans and those who want to be one.

I will be trying to fix broken links if possible and useful. The multiplayer map archive frontend is not back, it needs to be rewritten. The piwik user tracking/analysis will be discontinued. It was very interesting and helpful.

Three new reviews by Tronyn will be posted later (after they patiently slept in my inbox for 6 weeks), stay tuned!

I hope you like it and that this will be the start of a glorious era.

All the best, Spirit

Sorry, registration was broken as in the server was not sending out mails. If you registered and now wait for your mail, please use the forum’s “I forgot my password” function to request a new one. Remember to change it to a secure one afterwards. Sorry about the plaintext e-mails.

This looks good so far, except in some cases it seems like images randomly do not load.

Hm, you are the second person to report this. Images in the wiki (page has a footer showing who edited it last) or also in the sp map archive? Chrome? they are shown while the page loads but will be gone (“no image” placeholder) when the page has fully loaded?

It probably is some caching issue but I should have it all configured well server side and could not recreate it with opera, chromium or firefox on Linux.