Whats the best forum of quake? The most populated.

This forum seems pretty much dead, so, like doomworld, whats the most populated, famous forum of quake? Thx.

Currently the two hubs for Quake are the website forum https://celephais.net/board/forum.php and the Discord channel https://discord.com/invite/f5Y99aM. In general Quake doesn’t have a bustling forum presence, it’s all Discord/IRC sided, which needs to change. I’ve personally been trying to kick this forum into gear, as I feel like the format and features are much better… plus having a single site for all things Quake related would be good, instead of having to have someone like me literally tell you where to go. So, maybe stick around here once you found your feet in the community :slight_smile:

yea, quake deserves to have a “doomworld”.

A single website, downloads, reviews, forums, videos, wiki, etc

But maybe it is too late, quake is 23 years old…

Well, Quaddicted already has all of this… but people don’t use it for whatever reason. I think the major one is that the website is still basically under management of two people who upload levels them-self which means there’s no good way to simply upload a page for something yourself ala Doomworld or TF2Maps.
Dwell still doesn’t have a page after 2 entire weeks, and that’s a little bit ridiculous given that this is the place people get their Quake, and it’s basically out of our personal control.

Edit: Also, it’s never too late. From 2017 onwards we’ve only been growing, Quake is bigger than it has been for decades and it’s all been grassroots.

Quakeone.com had taken that place pretty much for a couple of years but it was killed off later sadly.

Wiki is at https://quakewiki.org, you are super welcome to get into it. There’s lots to do and countless things to contribute or update :slight_smile:

If someone shows me a way to allow rsync uploads that cannot overwrite or in any kind alter existing files in the remote directory, I would happily give out more uploading permissions. As it is, people could overwrite previous versions with the same filename and that is catastrophic for an archive. Currently only I can upload because of that. :confused:

fw: Would you be interested in becoming an editor? I’d love for more people to contribute in the background, update listings and fix things if the Injector breaks. Be warned though, it’s finicky…

I have high hopes for hemebond’s work to introduce a new era for Quaddicted. The site has indeed been lacking in keeping up with the communities and needs an overhaul. Please support him in any way you can, from praise to bug reports, from ideas to code or design! My current job has taken pretty much my energy although my Quake love has grown a lot recently

No, sorry. I don’t have time or desire.

I’ve been posting comments here since 2013 or so (or at least that’s when I discovered this site) and, in that time, the Quake scene has grown and that’s been my impression with Quaddicted as well. The forums are not the most active, even relative to func (which has a kind of, I’ll say “old school” forum culture, which creates problems with some people), but then func is much less active than Doomworld. If you don’t mind func, it’s a good place to ask questions and track releases. But Quaddicted has a perfectly fine forum, people here are responsive to questions. Obviously being able to rate and comment on individual maps is what sets it apart. (The one thing I miss is user profiles that display more than the ten most recent ratings. On thiefguild.com, a similar site for Thief fan missions, you can look at all of a user’s ratings, and I’ve found some great missions that way.)

I know there’s also discord, but I don’t use discord. Also stuff seems to happen on twitter but I try to avoid that site as much as possible.

The thing is the Quake scene is exponentially smaller than Doom’s. I don’t think it’s fair to expect a website of the scope and activity of Doomworld to just manifest itself. It takes a lot of people doing a lot of work.* It’s almost like asking why aren’t there as many Quake maps released yearly as Doom maps.

*Special thanks to the people who are doing the work right now!

I can vouch for the Quake discord being active and, also, full of friendly people. I just read it instead of replying there but you can expect impressive screenshots of maps in the screenshots channel pretty often.

Yeah sure, I could do that. A rundown on the processes and such would be good, you have my Discord.

I am also looking forward to Hemebond’s website revamp, just a few small additions (user submissions, a better represented forum / maps section, ect) would be great to have and would definitely make Quad the forefront of the Q1SP community.

Also, Lane, Discord is absolutely bustling and it’s really sad that people who choose not to use Discord (a smart choice imo) miss out on so much of the community chatter and such. A LOT of the stuff on the Discord could easily be a forum thread, and while it wouldn’t be anywhere as big as Doom, it’d certainly be a great showing to people who would like to join the community!

I have been anti-discord for a long time, mostly because I consider it a proprietary, non-public silo, but I joined it last year or so, check in every now and then, and can also vouch for the friendly and incredibly productive community there. The toxicity of Terrafusion or func is not present there. Super sad to have it all not on the public internet though…

fw: Sweet, I’ll contact you soon!

Would it be at all possible to unify or have a public partnership with Quaketastic? This place has pretty much everything needed for a really robust hub for all things Quake. The only thing that I see that holds it back is the lack of ability for users to upload their own work.

I’m not sure how the Id Archive over at DW works. Is that curated in the same way as the Quaddicted archive?

Quaketastic is actually the successor of a file upload site (Shub-Hub) I once ran. It is meant as a messy anything-goes upload site, not comparable to an archive. In its current state is also sadly not suitable as files are not safely stored.

The new Quaddicted site, if the elder gods are willing, will support any kind of files being uploaded and described. First the focus will be as it is now, but engines, demos, tools, etc should be easily possible. At least that is what I thought of when doing https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=3076#p3076

The idgames archive is very restrictively run and since they have been in uninterrupted business since the beginning, people follow their rules. Luxury :slight_smile: See http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/README.INCOMING to get an idea how uploading works there.