Where are the new maps hiding?

Hey, folks! Over on the main Quaddicted site, the map list doesn’t show anything more recent than sm266 from 19 September 2023.

Is that because nothing new has been added since then, or is there a more up-to-date map list somewhere on this forum that I’ve missed?


There is a not really public yet, heavily work in progress, new interface to the DB where they are visible but it is fairly low-level. If you want access, just message me.

You will have to restrain yourself from rating and commenting though, while it is possible it would make the threads appear in the forums and I would like to keep it a bit hidden for now until some important decisions were made and implemented. :wink:

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Thanks, Spirit, it’s good to know this is in hand!

It’s OK, I’m happy to wait for the new system to come online — there are plenty of older maps I’ve yet to play. (I’ve been working my way backwards from most recent in the old Maps page, and I’m still only back to June 2023, thanks to some big jams!)