Which map editor?

I’m wondering which editor you guys use for Q1. I’m just now wanting to check out Q1 mapping and am pretty confused by the number of editors out there and the fact that there is no standard editor like there is on the Source engine. What I’m gathering is that Worldcraft 1.6(a) is the standard? Is that true? I’ve also found an editor called “TrenchBroom”. I tried it, but the controls and lack of 2D viewports is not intuitive to me, so I’d like to use Worldcraft since I’m coming from the Hammer editor on the Source engine. Wasn’t Worldcraft 1.6a freeware? I can’t find it anywhere.

What do you guys use?

GtkRadiant 1.4
Real sharp!

Here you go.

I’d still recommend TrenchBroom. If you go to View > Preferences and click the second gear at the top of the new window, you can find a much more intuitive 4-panel layout.

+1 Charles

Perhaps you still have TrenchBroom 1, sevin? TB1 doesnt have the 2D viewports.

TB2 has them though. It’s in the final stages of beta and is pretty stable.

Grab “Release Candidate 3” https://github.com/kduske/TrenchBroom/releases/tag/v2.0.0-RC3

What about Jackhammer? Maybe it works for you

I tried running GTKRadiant 1.6 but it presented me with a list of several idtech games at startup,but didn’t include Quake itself.

You need to install the Quake gamepack. http://quaketastic.com/files/tools/windows/level_editors/gtkradiant-1.6-quake1-beta.zip is a basic one converted by ericw that works with 1.6.
I tried GtkRadiant 1.6 briefly, but didn’t like it. Too many things seemed worse compared to what I was used to from earlier versions.

An excellent alternative which I now use is niger’s https://www.q3df.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=789. As the name says, it’s based on Netradiant (which itself was based on Gtkradiant 1.5) and has many useful new features and fixes.

Thanks, I ended up using a combination of Trenchbroom for brush-work and texture alignment, and Jackhammer for lighting and ease of compiling (literally just press F9 and it works.) I downloaded q1rad.exe and dumped it in Jackhammer’s Quake folder, which simplified the lighting, and allowed me to get good results quickly.

Quake newbie to first test room in about 4 hours: http://imgur.com/Wq4NACG

Radiant for q3, ql and q1
https://www.q3df.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=789 or