work in progrez

I was watching the work-in-progress page, but I wasn’t able to add a screenshot.
Is this page out of order, because there is no post since 2013?
Or is it that there is no new work to progress, what I can hardly believe.

Same goes for the articles toppic.
Recently the site has been renewed so chance is things have changed.
I had this article post from long ago, maybe it can be usefull to give it a place there?

Wondering some same here too. Is this site mostly for maps, or can we do Quake C , modeling or other experiments too?

Madfox: I have tried emailing you and your emails bouncing back. I like working with you on the modeling stuff you have been very helpful.

Cobalt, my email adres changed, I sended you a private message on QcInside.
Anyway, here you go.