Zoom option

The zoom option has been present in ‘Quake’ for a long time, originally bound to “F11” key as far as I remember. It was rather clunky to use and the purpose of it seemed doubtful. The ‘vkQuake’ engine version “1.22” brings it refreshed and in version “1.30.1” one can see the function fully present in menu keybindings. What is new, is that now the option becomes fully customizable and meeting the contemporary sensibility in both speed and the strength of zoom. Upgraded smooth textures also do help a bit. The purpose of having a zoom option in ‘Quake’ is still rather mysterious but it is good to know things are moving in a constructive direction, because one day - ?

Relevant c-vars, as instructed on the project ‘Git’ hub: “zoom_fov” and “zoom_speed” for the dynamics, while “togglezoom” or “+zoom” / “-zoom” to operate. Cool stuff.

The same engine version also brought “viewsize 130” c-var, which allows to clear the screen for a screenshot purpose, allowing easy to go “viewsize 110” back again in order to restore the HUD and the gun model swiftly. From what I know, it is import of works by Andrei Drexler. Kudos.


Thinking about it, these actually could be combined. If a gun model obscures part of vision in weaker zoom modes or the HUD seems momentarily intrusive, the “viewsize 130” may come along in handy.