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Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

Wow, is this an expanded version? I don’t remember the ruined area in the foreground. Going to check out the fascinating-looking writeup right now!

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@Tronyn, yes this is a different version. The map has a new skill area, an extra 3rd SK door choice, rebalanced HP/Items and the original idea of the level loop fully implemented.

The following article discusses the changes:

Unregistered user “Phil” posted:

Still boring to play, the improved layout doesn´t add to the map at all,
its sad…

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Unregistered user “ijed” posted:

So where’s your map Phil?

Unregistered user “AssemblyLineHuman” posted:

Why does Phil need to have made map, to have a legitimate opinion on this level?

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Interesting objective. Pretty environment.

Thank you very much for the map - it is beautiful. But the walkthrough is quite sophisticated. Moreover, you have to start from the same location with the same monsters. This is quite boring.

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Unlike some of the other commenters, I found this more fascinating than boring, although replaying the same first-bit-of-the-level repeatedly was certainly not the highlight.

I found it disappointing that in the end I exited the level with only three of the four runes. I feel like I missed one of the three branches of the main map, and was prematurely sent to the end-game map.

What did all the loose bricks do? There was a message about something happening deep underground but I never found it.

All in all, I have to describe this level in the words of Andrew Rilstone, in his review of the 2003 movie Hulk: “The whole thing doesn’t quite work, but it’s the sort of failure one would like to see rather more of.” It’s amazing, and delightful, that nearly 20 years in people are not merely doing marvellous things with Quake, but new things.

Off to read Simon’s long commentary on the level now. Simon, do you have similar pages for other levels? I couldn’t find them.

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I am not sure why everyone is complaining because the player only needs to play the first part (two rooms) of the level twice and there are plenty of secrets to find in this area. I also setup alternative ways to fight in the first large room (upper area, SK platform) and various ways to get weapons (SSG/GL) early.

The player can ONLY open two out of the three SK doors and one will always be locked. This is by design, the map is about route choices having consequences. The idea is the player picks the weapons they like (there is a grate above two of the SK doors to help with the choice) and the weapons are then made available for the final fight.

"What did all the loose bricks do? - It is a mega style secret (special cave area) which is my sarcastic joke about the ‘its under the lift’ trope of Quake level design.

"do you have similar pages for other levels?
http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design.htm - Down the right hand side of the page is a list of all my Q1 SP maps with extra map waffle and more screenshots.

I can’t believe I missed all those links on the RHS! Thanks, and sorry.

I wasn’t so much complaining about only having gone through two of the three doors, as wondering whether I’d completed the map in the right way – since, as I said, I only had three of the four runes.

Sorry to be dense about the mega-secret, but … where is it?

To find the mega secret, move three loose bricks under any of the lifts and then search one of the healing pools. Eventually you will find the ‘source’ of the healing pools and a chance to complete the map in a hard+ mode.

Simon, I am sorry, I am quite a casual player. Perhaps your map is dedicated to thorough exploration. I found just quite a few secrets. And enjoyed it. :wink:

Thanks again for the map, I replay it from time to time. It just makes me wondering about internals of the building and I can’t withstand the wish to explore the map with noclip. :wink:

Is there a chance to see a map based on The Florentine Library?

Unregistered user “konstructor” posted:

Hi guys… do you think these recent mappacks could be playable with my PII 400mhz 128ram ?
I ask because I strongly like to play them upon it !