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Forum thread for lmed1

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I found this absolutely mundane, arbitrary and unrealistic, and grotesquely underpopulated. 2/5 is the most I can give it, for its basic competence. Amazing how Icantthinkofaname and I can look at the same map and see it so very differently. (BTW., Icant, you didn’t rate this – an oversight?)

I killed everything I saw, including in the secret area, but only ended with 43/46 monsters. Anyone have an idea where the other three are?

Heh, yes, it is interesting how we sometimes see things so differently.

Thanks for pointing that out, but actually I’m still mulling it over; should add a rating at some point. There are a few maps I’ve commented on but have not rated yet for the same reason (e.g. sksp2b and wca, and I’ve just recently rated insane01, though I left a comment some time ago). On the same topic, though, do you realise you have not rated janitor1?

As for the monsters, seeing as you had the same problem in janitor1, masque and drysorrow, my theory is: word has spread among them and now they’re in hiding. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though: I did not notice anything myself, but maybe it was because of the infamous fish-count bug? There are three rotfish here, so that would add up. No idea what happened in drysorrow, though, I’ve played it twice myself a while back and got 100% kills (or very close to it) both times. Didn’t notice any problems in janitor1; haven’t played masque yet.

Ha, no, thanks for pointing out my failure to rate janitor1. (Of course I did state my rating in the comment, but now it’s done properly.)

Hope you enjoy masque as much as I did!

Thank you. By the way, I just checked again, and I also get 43/46 on this map. I blame the fish.

Spirit, there are currently no “Additional Links” for this release. Maybe you want to add these (although now that I’ve linked them here, perhaps it’s not necessary?):
Crash’s review:
and [Kona]'s rating:

Done, thanks!

Monster count is probably the fish, the reQuiem engine automatically fixes this. :wink:

Release date adjusted according to Icantthinkofanickname’s sherlocking work: https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=897#p897

Timestamps in the zip must be wrong.


Glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

Given its shortcomings and how I’ve been rating other maps, I guess I can’t give this more than a 3.5. [Kona]'s rating of 74% seems about right.

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i agree with icant. more detail would’ve been great. i thought the layout was decent except the nailguns & some monster placement, which was underpopulated. but for 1996, it’s decent to me.

This map gave me 12 minuttes of good fun. Navigation was good. I saw some interresting arcitecture and the end was nice and challenging. Especially since I didn’t pick up the lightning gun until everything was killed :wink:

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  • nice castle
  • dark atmosphere
  • not bad brushwork
  • new textures
  • nice start map
  • interesting idea with library


  • not enough detailed
  • too hard (not enough ammo even on easy)
  • i didn’t found “nightmare” portal on the start map (although, it might be plus because of previous…)
  • outdoor is very cubish
  • only one secret
  • awful model of SNG!

Ha, what a popular map. I thought it was alright. Pretty ugly somehow but good gameplay.

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