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Forum thread for nehahra

Unregistered user “Team Xlink” posted:

Thank you for the repack :smiley:

Unregistered user “Brandy Bogard” posted:

Does this package include Seal of Nehahra

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:


Unregistered user “MegaQuaker” posted:

It is the most important Quake release ever and gets five stars even though by no means do I think it’s perfect.

Really it’s parts of the Forge City maps and also the boss maps that lack a bit. Most levels in between are good though, many are awesome and would stand out very well as separate releases. And it is the best looking Quake add on ever. No arguing that.

Unregistered user “Kerryanne Warne” posted:

How do you register ? x

Unregistered user “Dani” posted:

Awesome… The Best quake mod…

Unregistered user “costas” posted:

hello guys can i ask smth?
Can I play this pack with darkplaces?
What exe should I run?

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

I’d recommend you download the latest release directly from http://icculus.org/twilight/darkplaces/download.html (“DarkPlaces engine Windows/Linux/Mac OpenGL build”).

Rightclick the exe, create shortcut and add -nehahra to the target/commandline. That should work.

Unregistered user “costas” posted:

Spirit thanks for the tip. Nevertheless since it’s the first time i’m quaking like this, could you tell me a bit more for the target/commandine. Where is it?

P.S. In order to play scourse of armagon and Diss of eternity I created a quake bat file and echoed 1,2,3 for quake, hipnotic and rogue, respectively and they all worked fine. when I tried to add as 4 echo nehahra, it loads only quake 1.

Unregistered user “costas” posted:

I updated darkplaces with darkplacesengineauto…> 10-Nov-2010 09:13 20.6M
but still nothing.

I’m probably doing something wrong sine I don’t know where is the target/commandline.

Please help because I keep hearing that this Nehahra is the best quake creation ever!!!

Otherwise I’m going to quakekill myself. I’m not quakekidding!!! Help!!!

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Let me suggest using the Quake Injector, we made it specifically to make this headache go away:

Unregistered user “costas” posted:

Spirit you rock!!! Although…

  1. I installed and run nehahra with injector.
    It starts (I gave darkplaces as executable) the scenery at level selection great but once I start the game and while viewing the long-long-long…long intro (by the way is there a key or smth to stop the intro?) anyway during that I press escape and the menu appears with old shaky letters just like quake 1 I had 14 years ago!!! No dark places menu, nothing. Any ideas?
    Once again thank you for your help… We here in Greece salute … the quake lords…

Unregistered user “delor” posted:

…The movie was pretty enjoyable (I’ve seen more than once)
Still haven’t played this whole :frowning:

Unregistered user “Luna’s Loyal Subject” posted:

Is this unplayably laggy for anyone else or just me?

Unregistered user “negke” posted:

Try Bengt Jardrup’s enhanced Nehquake engine perhaps.

Unregistered user “Subjective” posted:

I tried using Quake Injector to run this and when I load the log says:
couldn’t load autoexec.cfg
couldn’t load nehstart.bsp

Ben using Quakespasm.exe and GLquake doesn’t work on my computer.

Any tips?


On neh2m6 (random try) nehexe.exe and glquake.exe (Bengt’s nehahra one) play the music. DPnehahra.exe does not. nehahra.exe crashes for me with a “GL_Upload8_Ext: too big” error.

On nehend DP does play the music. Here it does not seem to be a xm though, its volume is controlled through the general sound slider.

The maps have their tracks set with the “noise” key and a path like “mods/atmos2.xm”. The engine seems to use that and then play the track with the “playmod” command. DP does not seem to use that.

I assume for reduced confusion I should remove all executables but the glquake.exe and rename that one to nehahra-glquake.exe or something. To use a recent Darkplaces the easiest way is to download it and rename the exe to nehahra.exe (I will not do that in this package).

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