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Forum thread for func_mapjam1

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This could use a better screenshot.

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It has now, thanks to sock and negke (who did the crappy one before).

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Unregistered user “JohnNy_cz” posted:

Can’t finish doomer. Must “a kill shambler”? Where?

Unregistered user “QuakeForever” posted:

It’s really not useful to have all three of these tags: large, medium, small…

Unregistered user “Rich” posted:

Great pack, my favorites are Skackys, Socks and Ionous entries. Absolutely beautiful! And Scampies is cool too!
Which is the mfx map? The link to func_board says he made one too.

MFX helped Ionous out and it ended up in a full-fledged collaboration. My favorite of the pack are Ionous/MFX’s, Scampie’s, Sock’s and Digs’.

Yeah he got called to duty, and he asked for someone to fix the map, as it had leaks.
While fixing it, i kind of fell in love with the map, and my urge to participate in this Mapjam took over.
After talking to Ionous about his original “vision” of the map, he gave me order to build exactly that:)
Socks delayed release of the pack came in handy as well,
So I added the whole cave section, a bunch of details all over, retextured some parts and whatnot.
Last but not least i added the lighting, and tweaked gameplay a bit.
I really went into beastmode over the last 2 days i guess, but seeing Ionous happy and so many people admiring it was worth the effort i guess.

The whole bunch of maps raised out of this jamming is amazing,
and 3 maps stand out for me:

1.skackys map was full of well planned encounters, lovely brushwork and so tastefully lit, hmm…
2.socks map for above reasons, and the textures he made…
3.scampies map, i dont no why exactly but it says lol rekt somewhere…

I added mfx to the authors. :slight_smile:

Awesome maps!

OK, call me Old Doctor Dum-Dum if you like, but I can’t figure out how to get out of the start room in jam1_digs. I assume it’s related to “ask the zombie to open the barrier”, but … what zombie?

Unregistered user “mfx” posted:

Mike look around, especially down…

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Video playlist with commentary

Will be adding videos to this playlist as I make them. Enjoy!

Well, I don’t know how I missed that. Many thanks for the tip.

Having now played through jam1_digs, I can say that it’s really beautiful and a lot of fun – well worth 5/5 on its own. But much depends on making the right random choice when you first come out of the water. I chose wrong, and it made the level much harder than it needed to be.