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Forum thread for iam1

Unregistered user “Boss” posted:

Whoever rated this map “nice” needs to quit his job ; )
This one is EXCELLENT to say the least.
Very nice. Very unique.

Thanks Edger for pointing this one out!!! Without your comment I probably would have missed ount on this one.

It’s insane that all of this was done without QC.

Unregistered user “Gib” posted:

Very enjoyable map and interesting fights with nice ending. Feels very quakey.

Unregistered user “negke” posted:

Yes, good quake-ish style and cool boss fights, a great 1997 map. On the other hand, it’s quite cramped for the most part and could have used more varied gameplay (less ogres). Hence the “nice” rating.

Unregistered user “Aen” posted:

Excellent. The Best!

Unregistered user “Qgod” posted:

Insane amount of fun. Keeping in mind that this is a '97 map and doesn’t use any QC it’s a 6 out of 5 in my book. I don’t mind many the ogres in the beginning so much since their placement is great which kinda makes up for it.

Unregistered user “Drop IN” posted:

Thumbs up

Unregistered user “Ebert” posted:

Two thumbs up

One of my favourite maps ever!

Can’t believe I never finished it. It is very nice! Old, crude but so full of imagination and weirdness.

Unregistered user “Fr3n” posted:

area in the screenshot looks like DooM episode 4. :smiley:
classic map

Unregistered user “Frightnight” posted:

Kickass Map!

Unregistered user “FifthElephant” posted:

This is quite a fun map, it’s very dated now but it has some interesting ideas. :slight_smile:

Unregistered user “Storm” posted:

BEST ending EVER!

Dated yes! Just as the Q1

Unregistered user “Degan” posted:

Did anyone find all the secrets?
How to get the first megahealth?

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