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Forum thread for kinn_marcher

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

This is a masterpiece. Gameplay, atmosphere, brushwork, all so well done.

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

Masterpiece, indeed. Actually I think Bastion is just as good aside from no difficulty settings.

Unregistered user “sb306” posted:

This was the first user made map that I tried. That was about a year ago. After downloading as many good sp maps that I could find since then, marcher is still one of the best. Conserve ammo!!

Unregistered user “Qmaster” posted:

Truly awesome level! Of all the maps I’ve played in the archive this has almost definitely got the most epic battle of all Quake history!! 5/5 Insanely difficult when played on Nightmare, but then again there is no other way to play is there? :wink:

Unregistered user “Dani” posted:

The most epic battles ever! :smiley:

Unregistered user “taniwha” posted:

The hordes just keep coming. Watch that ammo.

Unregistered user “Daz” posted:

Video Playthrough with intro -

Unregistered user “hkBattousai” posted:

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Unregistered user “M4CGYV3R” posted:

An Epic battle for an epic game.
Thanks to Kinn for this experience and Spirit for hosting these maps and for all your experience and gifts to the Quake community.


Unregistered user “Cocerello” posted:

Truly a masterpiece. Congrats, Kinn. Its a great architectural feat. Game play is very good too.

Theres more ammo than needed, even thought sometimes you need to backtrack for some. Health and armor are OK. The secrets are enjoyable, and i liked even more those pieces of ammo and armor that weren’t part of the secrets but also hard to find. I loved the spiders, as Steven said,they are the best monsters of that kind.

I would like it to be more difficult in nightmare, but not in the fight with the minotaurs/werewolves like monsters when you are ascending, that one is hard enough even if you go outside the building.

The only drawback is the ambient, i do think that ne_ruins and honey for example are way better at that.

Unregistered user “FifthElephant” posted:

I can assume that the “sinking through the floor” bug on mine is an isolated incident judging by the comments. For what I played of the level it was truly excellent.

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