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Unregistered user “digs” posted:

map compiled with vis.

Unregistered user “EmoLevelDesigner” posted:

At first glance it’s just a standard well-made Quake fortress. But then, it’s almost like wallwalking in Prey in some places, then suddenly we meet partially or fully tilted rooms, really creating a feel of twisted reality. Drawn pictures come to life, and life mirrors itself in pictures.

Eventually we’ll enter the corridor which is turned into a ring. There will be rotated rooms, where we will have to do some challenging maneuvers.

The author also remembered that in the world of Quake the water doesn’t have to fall down, and can hang in the air. This feature is used creatively.

How can a designer surprise players when he has a limited toolset of Quake? It’s good that there are authors who prove that it is possible to surprise.

Unregistered user “Daz” posted:

Video playthrough, not a complete run as I got too confused :smiley: Very interesting map however!


Unregistered user “Digs” posted:

Daz, thank’s for nice demo

Unregistered user “delor” posted:

This map seems a bit tricky… I look forward to play ! :slight_smile:

Unregistered user “El Hombre” posted:

Hmmm… looks like a great and innovative map. However, something is busted right off.

I’m in the initial launch room, opened the gate, and “run forward non-stop” does nothing. I get a fraction up the wall and slide down again. Tried jumping, etc.

I’m using Quakespasm on Linux, but this appears to be a straight up map.

Unregistered user “El Hombre” posted:

As a quick fix, I gave myself the rocket launcher and rocket jumped my way up. I hope the rest won’t require this!

Unregistered user “Digs” posted:

I checked in Quakespasm for windows. Everything is normal. It uses the same mechanism as that of wind tunnels. Should work without a rocket

Unregistered user “El Hombre” posted:

Thanks for checking! Just doesn’t seem to work for me. No worries. I just rocket jump when I get to one of these areas.

Btw, fantastic map! Really creative use of things and so many little details( like the paintings of weapons, but one is real, etc. ). I’m so confused, hahahaha…

Unregistered user “czg” posted:

I played this and I got an amazing headache. Still a cool map tho.

Unregistered user “AAS” posted:

Wonderful map, but gameplay is broken on latest DirectQ, constant freezes on curve floors :confused:

Unregistered user “Digs” posted:

I tried the latest version of DirectQ. I do not seem to be any problems with the gameplay. But there were problems with the display of water columns. Not always correctly displayed himself column, bubbles are often seen only in the column, and on leaving the bubbles disappear. And sometimes the bubbles are displayed on a lighter background of the square. I thought that in an earlier version DirectQ this was not. It was okay.

Unregistered user “peter tron” posted:

this really is what i want to see in a map.
mental warped configurations.
spawning, then immediately vanishing enemies.
i really like seeing an imaginative mind put to good use, and this map bloody has it!
some blokes will prefer a more vanilla/normal quake map style, but i don’t feel straying far from some of these boundaries is a bad thing, especially if you thoroughly have a bangin’ time.
this is the sort of map that gives you acid flasbacks, and upon completing it you find yourself sobbing ‘n’ shaking with euphoric madness.
(or you could just make a cup of tea, eat a chocolate bourbon, nod your head solemnly and say to yourself, “hmm, that was good!”).

This is one of the best maps for Quake. I loved all the water puzzles, reminded me of Portal 2. The sideways rooms were amazing too! Really fantastic, 5/5 from me!

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