Dwell - Episode 1 Released!

Announcing Dwell, a brand new four episode mod project that is currently under construction.
Episode 1 is available now, with the others coming soon!


Includes Dwell Episode 1 + Patch 2.

Includes the above, plus the Quakespasm Spiked source port, and a batch file for easy launching.


  • Four Episodes featuring varied and unique themes.
  • 4 custom bosses, one for each episode.
  • Brand new monsters to face, including many returning from other Quake worlds.
  • New weapons to hunt down and utilize.
  • Complete custom soundtrack by Alekswithak.
  • Support for up to 4 player co-op.
  • Based on the brilliant %url% gameplay mod by Lunaran.
  • Episodic release - Get it while it’s hot!

Following the destruction of the hideous Shub-Niggurath, you scoured infinite dimensions, a guardian against her deep-rooted rot. Decades passed, and with the whispers slowly subsiding, you were finally laid to rest. A shallow, fitful slumber awaited you for the rest of your days.
That was until now. Being rustled from your rest, the voices whisper yet again. A new god has tangled its tendrils in your reality, constructing legions to its side to reanimate their respective long-dead gods, elements of life itself taken and twisted to their will, all in the hope he shall return to a physical form to consume yet another reality.
You must yet again become the guardian, to take down what dwells beneath…





Somewhere inbetween… by Markie and Fairweather
Into the Myoid by PoolboyQ
Duet with Duat by Greenwood
Under a Funeral Moon by VoidForce
Arrivée de L’étranger by Fairweather
Vestigial by JCR
That Which Can Eternal Lie by Henry
Within The Flayed Kingdom by Markie
Darkstar Triumvirate by Pinchy
Prescience Overload by Mazu

Fairweather - Project Lead, Level Design
Alekswithak - Lead Composer
Khreathor - QuakeC, 3D Models
Danz - 3D Models, Sounds, Textures
Markie Music - Level Design, Sounds, Music, Textures
JCR - Level Design, Sounds
Greenwood - Level Design, Textures
Maksim “VoidForce” Maksimov - Level Design, Textures
Henry “h4724” Ambrose - Level Design
PoolboyQ - Level Design
Pinchy - Level Design
Mazu - Level Design

To install you will need.
A. A copy of Quake
B. A supported source port (see below)
To install, use https://www.7-zip.org/download.html (or a similar program) to unzip the file and put the “dwellv1” folder in the same directory as the “id1” folder, run your selected source port and enter the following into the console “game dwell” without quotations, hit tab and hit enter. Enjoy!

**- A modified Quake engine with increased limits, transparency support and BSP2 support is required, we recommend http://triptohell.info/moodles/qss/.

Nice! Can you repack it as a standard ZIP for Quaddicted so Spirit will be pleased?

Here you go, have mercy Spirit! https://frwthr.me/dwell/dwellv1.zip

It wont run with quakespasm spiked, but does run on quake spasm 93.2

@ninja zxr

It does actually work, you just need to type “game dwellv1” into the console instead of “game dwell”. :slight_smile:

It was tested almost exclusively using Spiked, so there must be some other problem! Do you have an error message you could throw my way?

Patch 1 has been released, including updating Pinchy’s map to the release version, which I stupidly forgot to update in the main folder. My apologies to Pinchy!

The weather seems fair <3

Sorry my fault, i had bat file command quakespasm.exe not quakespasm spiked.exe, yes it works, and the most mouth dropping quake episode ever, playing on nightmare and it is that lol

Fairweather, how does the patched (release) version of Pinchy’s map differ from the originally distributed one? I’ve already played the episode to completion last night. Though I may replay Pinchy’s map if the newer version has expanded gameplay.

I’m very glad to hear that you got it working, and thank you for the kind words <3 We had a lot of fun putting this together and can’t wait to start on Episode 2.

Hey Erc, Pinchy’s level has had a pretty sweeping polish pass across the board. More ammunition, better placement of signage and routes to help navigation, the final fight has been tweaked and now ends on the final enemy (it used to end upon the last few), and the VIS pass was rendered on a higher setting (meaning better framerates).
Also, I saw your demos and func post, I had a lot of fun going through and watching them. Cheers for that.

The knights in the games are half invisible, even when they are dead, is this suppose to be ?

Yes. 25% transparency on Death Knights is one of the things that changes once you get to the gorier levels.

Some forum posts were lost just now in a server upgrade, here is what was dropped from this thread:

Sorry for making it a bit messy!

Yep, Ethereal Knights are a feature of the gorey areas :slight_smile:

This is the most outstanding quake episode ever, it is far beyond anything thats ever been done.The graphics alone make my eyes smile.The play on it is jaw dropping.Played & finished 4 times on nightmare, i just cannot get enough of Dwell.Playing it on highest screen res,with quake spasm spiked,its so magical.Been playing quake since 1996 and every map or episode going lol But dwell will take some beating,this is the god episode of quake.Well done to all that made and built it.

Unable To Complete D1M7.
I collected both keys, but cannot find anything to open.
Looking at a walkthorugh I found that there’s a blue scarab in the tower, but when I get there, I only have a MegaHealth. Playing on Quakespasm 0.93.0. +sv_protocol999 -heapsize 262144. Skill 3.

What gives?
Did I do something wrong?

[quote=The Silent]Unable To Complete D1M7.
I collected both keys, but cannot find anything to open.
Looking at a walkthorugh I found that there’s a blue scarab in the tower, but when I get there, I only have a MegaHealth.[/quote]

If I’ve understood you correctly, the walkthrough was probably on the unpatched version of the map. If you direct me to it I can show you a timestamp of the room where you use the keys in the current version.

Discovered 6/6 secrets om d1m5 (That Which Can Eternal Lie) but RL not get. Or it is still not a secret?

The patched version moves the turn-ins. You must return here in the patched version. https://frwthr.me/img/spasm0002.png

Thanks a lot for the kind words mate, our team worked super hard to make this the premier episodic Quake experience. And while I personally like Lunaran’s Underdark Overbright a bit more… I think we hit the fucking mark :smiley:

It’s a secret :slight_smile: Just a very special one!