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Forum thread for warpspasm

Unregistered user “dooomer” posted:

Actually I quite like the background story provided in the readme.

It’s an engrossing story. Wouldn’t mind reading a full novel along this path.

Unregistered user “danshalam” posted:

Number 2 after Nehahra no more and no less…Great !

Unregistered user “Damian” posted:

When I run it, demo is going but after choosing singleplayer it crashes on loading start map. This is what I’ve received:

Host_Error: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Any suggestions? :frowning:

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

You need Quoth to be installed (and loaded) too. Make sure you read the installation instructions.

Unregistered user “Morpheus” posted:

If you need Quoth to be able to play the Warp Spasm demo then where do you get Quoth? Do you also need to have Quake? And if so which version of the game, exactly, and where is it best to get the it from?

I know that these questions may seem very basic & all but, although I have been on the internet for almost a decade, it’s been almost four years since I’ve played any type of first person game.

I’ve been out of that loop for a while.


Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Then I feel honoured that you stumbled into this website. Welcome! :slight_smile:

I recommend you save yourself a lot of hassle and instead install Java ( http://www.java.com/en/download/ )and then get our Quake Injector ( http://www.quaddicted.com/quake-injector/ ). It will enabled you to install and run all the maps and mods from this website with a few mouseclicks. Otherwise Quoth is available here: http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/quoth.html

Yes, you need a full copy of Quake. Once you have it, download http://www.celephais.net/fitzquake/ and extract it into the Quake directory. Use it to play.

Be aware that if you buy Quake from Steam or other stupid download/renting services, the soundtrack is not included and you would miss a lot of atmosphere. I’d recommend ebay, amazon and the like. If you get an old CD with no Windows support, just send me a mail (spirit aatt quaddicted doodot com) and I will help you out with the files.

Unregistered user “felch” posted:

Long winding corridor. Huge room. Oh no! Lots of monsters. More monsters teleporting behind you. Repeat 500 times. This is like a job. Boring.

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

Guy above must just hate Quake, this is epically awesome! A good challenge and two of the five levels took me over an hour to get through - biggest Quake maps I’ve ever seen. I’d say this pack, at just five maps, is at least a good majority as long as the original Quake, and way funner to boot. Although it’s an episode, it could easily have been split into a mission pack and still have good-sized levels. This is a must-play!

Unregistered user “ijed” posted:

Just saw these, thanks for the comments.

The maps can drag on a bit. They’re for those who enjoy map crawling - I was trying to emulate Insomnia, but didn’t reach the same level of visuals, nowhere near.

Mind you, not sure how closely I should listen to someone who calls themself ‘felch’.

New stuff is underway, though when it’ll finish is anyone’s guess.


That’s the blog, made and maintained by Gb - though we should all be contributing sooner or later.

Unregistered user “Ankh” posted:

I liked the second map in the pack (Bile Plant) the best. One of my favourites. Third map is also great. The following maps are too big and exhausting but worth playing anyway.

Unregistered user “MegaQuaker” posted:

This was awesome pack, probably the most epic release in the last many years. Actually @ ijed: Insomnia’s massive levels almost look medium sized compared to these monstrosities! I agree though that neither the visuals nor gameplay are quite as good. But still - this is essential, 5 star stuff!

Unregistered user “quakeplayer” posted:

Personally I liked this better than Nehahra.

When I saw monster count of second level I thought I gonna be playing Serious Sam port to quake. But it positively surprised me, as there’s no horde combat - killcount so high because level is extremely huge! It’s longer than hipnotic or rogue mission packs…

Very immersive levels and good health balance. Ammo was kinda short, even at skill 1. At skill 2 I often found myself with nothing but bunch of shotgun shells and plenty of monsters wanting me dead. Don’t be cocky and select skill 3 right away. Here skill 1 is actually harder than original quake nightmare mode! Plasma gun is kinda overpowered to me so not gibbing enforcers is essential. 6 cells are enough for a fiend, 12 for shambler. It’s very good for Spawns too.

Unregistered user “Scroggles” posted:

This release would have been fantastic if the maps had been cut down to about half the size, maybe even smaller. As it stands, the overall quality is seriously diluted by gruelling, repetitive, and in many cases, maze-like grind.

I still liked it, but this is a case where “less” would have meant so much more…

Unregistered user “ijed” posted:

People still play this :slight_smile:

The level length was far too long, true. I was aiming for a very deep level of immersion, so that when the shit hit the fan or the player got lost the impact would be greater.

It was a bit hit and miss, I don’t have the knack for making visual set pieces or environment art, which makes me lazy, so many parts ended up c+p+modify.

So these maps defaulted to a hostile, hopefully unnerving place to imagine.

Unregistered user “Luna’s Loyal Subject” posted:

The grindy, grueling feeling mixed with the in-fucking-credible visuals (ijed, stop selling yourself short) are only part of why this is my absolute favorite pack of all time. I run through this every few months for the hell of it but I just wish I could play it for the first time one more time.

This is the best pack on the site. Insomnia was great, as was Zerstorer, but this is unforgettable.

Also I found all the runes. That was pretty intense at the end, not to mention the special kill message, AND the actual rooms I found a few of the runes in.

I could rant about this pack all day. This is why I still browse Quaddicted.

Unregistered user “qualia” posted:

I wish this was compatible with Darkplaces… Hardly any of the Quoth enemies load properly when I try (I get rainbow coloured octahedrons instead).

Unregistered user “negke” posted:

It’s because Darkplaces doesn’t support the -quoth switch. Currently, the only way to play this on DP is to integrate the Quoth files into the Warpspasm mod directory. The pak files have to be renumbered for this to work (pak0,1,2,3 etc) - first come the ones from quoth, then the ones from Warpspasm.

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Actually, you can stack mods in Darkplaces, ie use multiple -game arguments. No idea about the order though. Try both “-game quoth -game warp” and the other way around.

Unregistered user “Norbert” posted:

To anyone that’s running into this error:

QUAKE ERROR: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Note that the quake directory that contains your “id1” directory, should not just contain “warp”, but also “quoth”! This is because quoth is a dependency.