Fixed MD5+MDL+BSP models from and for QEnhanced+QSS

Hello everyone!

I spent many days or rather several months and finally converted and fixed almost all new monster models from the Q2021 game and little by little I fix them and add skins from other users (I used the programs “Noesis”, “QME” and “Blender”)! Now all the models run completely calmly on the QSS 0.94.0 engine and higher)! MD5 models are also fixed and are present in the archive and run wonderfully in Quake Enhanced.

Dear forum members! I will support this post if something changes globally in my builds. But all the description and screenshots are in my posts on the links below.

Here is the link to my mini mod “Play_Q” (revision 10 from 28.01.23) - description inside the post:

Fixed new MD5+MDL+BSP models from “Quake Enhanced” (version 1.6 from 23.02.22) - description inside the post:

Link to download the original mod from Tribal (thank him very much for the work done) TribalFX-01Tfixed. Watch on his channel a more recent version of the mod with cool visual effects:

Updated to revision 1.

Cool and active guys from the Authentic model improvement team aligned the ogre on the Z axis and added another skin to it. And they are also very actively working on creating heads. Here is a link to their work:

Unfortunately I can’t participate directly in their forum but only view and download files and can only write to them by e-mail.
Some critical and unavoidable error from a Russian provider. :slight_smile:

And this happens on any device. Both on the computer and on the smartphone. (((

I absolutely did not like the simple and flat models of medkits, ammo and exploding boxes from Q2021 which I renamed from *.mdl to *.bsp. They are also of low quality and have poor textures. However, they have an improved geometry. In addition to everything they have a very small size. In short, they still need to be finalized. I suggest using the “maps” of the Authentic model improvement team (revision 25) in Q2021. But Q2021 uses new files only if they are in the package! The download link contains the file “pak1.pak”, which must be copied to the folder “Quake-Enhanced\rerelease\id1”.


If you will use the “maps” files in QSS engine, you can simply open the pak file “pak1.pak” and copy the “maps” folder from it to the “ID1” folder of the game. Or rename the pak file “pak1.pak” and put a number larger than your last one in the existing *.pak files.

The improved Q2021 engine is kind of miserable! It does not understand models with a large number of vertices and with textures larger than 480x480!!! As a result, after working all day, I adapted models with improved geometry and textures for Q2021. The textures are not very high-quality, since I do not yet know how to connect separately improved textures to this engine.

Download link (Some models of the outdated version):


In the near future I will update the revision of the archive because the modeler with the nickname OSJC is on the site actively creates monster heads and corrected some animation for someone. He is a great fellow and an enthusiast.

I present to your attention my assembly that I use in QSS engine (although I still use HD textures but its take up a very large amount).

It contains 80% of the monsters from Q2021. The assembly contains music tracks from various maps and mods. Many of the heads were made by the OSJC user. Some weapons have been modified by me. Maps-objects are highly polygonal and completely redesigned by me from MD5 to MDL. Many progs-items are also highly polygonal and completely redesigned by me from MD5 to MDL. The particles are improved and applied from AD1. 81 and TribalFX. The main feature of the build is that it uses the TribalFX-01T mod which I modified for myself and when tearing the monster into pieces it throws out exactly the pieces of its model (like AD or Q1.5).

You need to run the build using the bat file. If you don’t like some models, music, or maps objects, just delete them from the folder before launching. Thank you to all the developers for their work.

*.bat file is created as a regular *. txt file and its extension is changed to *. bat.
For example, the following line will be inside the file: quakespasm-spiked-win64.exe -game Play_Q

Another game can be started directly from the QSS console. You just need to type the command “games” and all additional modifications will appear on the screen, then type “game xxx” where " xxx " is the name of the modification.

Download link in the first message of the topic.


@‘Andrew’, I might have been out of the loop for some time; where is the “.bat” you talk about?

EDIT: I would advise to delete the “config.cfg” from the mod; just to avoid possible incompatibilities at start.

Thank you for your comments! I somehow did not think that the config.cfg file was configured for my computer. But usually QSS easily adapts to another computer. Since I use the TribalFX mod in the database in the build, please note that the flashlight is turned on by the impulse 9 command (I have the “MOUSE2” button assigned), and the cheatcode to have all weapons is replaced by impulse 88 (I have the “I” button assigned), rocket jump via impulse 77. I think that if the config.cfg file is not suitable, then you just need to erase it in your folder.

I have updated my build to revision 2. Look for the link in the first post.

What has changed:

  • added the head of a new ogre from OJSC and I reduced its width;
  • added a lightning cannon from Q2021 and I fixed the lightning animation;
  • added a grenade launcher and I corrected and rounded the geometry in it and fixed the flash skin (damn! I spent half a day testing and adjusting this flash step by step!!!)

By the way, user OSJC has updated its assembly of models from Q2021, you can download it from the link and see.

[quote=“Andrew”]quakespasm-spiked-win64.exe -heapsize 512000 -game Play_Q
You can do it without “-heapsize 512000”.[/quote]
Usually I do “-heapsize 2097151” for anything I purposefully run in ‘Quake’, under the ‘Quakespasm’ or derivatives.

While it is necessary to point out a mod, demands a higher heapsize - if it does - please be specific about things like that, putting it possibly in system-agnostic terminology. What I mean by that, is to avoid using terms like “.bat”, which is valid only for certain few operating systems - possibly suggesting incompatibility issues in the wider picture. Besides, “.bat” alone, could mean anything, the way you had put it.

For example, here is my typical commandline extension pattern for launching any mod or map:

-heapsize 2097151 -game X -game Y +skill Q +map Z

“X” would usually do for a base-mod, while “Y” for a specific game or map-set to run under that mod, if not included - if it is all-in-one, then I would use only one “-game” parameter. It is a commandline extension, recognizable to the game engine; under the Ubuntu, you would include it in a “.sh” file. People using ‘Quake Injector’, do not deal with such things anyway - I imagine - and in case of occasional need, they would probably head directly to the commandline and type in the required heapsize extension, manually.

Anyhow, the mod, does indeed require latest ‘QSS’ engine, speaking of version “2021-July-08”; case with the enhanced particle support. The ‘vkQuake’, does not run it.

For the scope of a mod - while I do understand you put it together mainly for yourself, to improve own gaming experience in ‘Quake’; if you want to share it with people, it would be good to adjust to that or make a mod version suited for the public. Not everyone may like everything the mod does bring; some may like it just in parts. Furthermore, the more complex and the more diverse is the character and the amount of changes the mod introduces to the gameplay, the harder it is to tell, what it fully does. People do not like to be confused.

What I would recommend to do, is to divide the mod between mutually compatible sets, dealing with one particular topic or aspect of gameplay, at a time. Models - separately; the same with map aesthetics, weapons and special combat functions. Extensions such as the flashlight, should be separate mods, as well, since they could have specific use only in certain maps, particularly intended to include these. In the end, the flashlight, though, does not convince me - it works janky. The quality, has not improved since the ‘Quoth’ iteration I saw.

If you had a spare while, take a look into these - errors on Ubuntu version “20.04.3 LTS”:

Warning: Mod_LoadModel: progs/spike2.mdl not found
weapons/rocket1i.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/rocket1i.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/tink1.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/tink1.wav is a stereo sample
player/axemetal1.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axemetal1.wav is a stereo sample
player/axemetal2.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axemetal2.wav is a stereo sample
player/axemetal3.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axemetal3.wav is a stereo sample
player/axemeat2.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axemeat2.wav is a stereo sample
player/axemeat3.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axemeat3.wav is a stereo sample
player/axhit3.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/axhit3.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/swing1.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/swing1.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/swing3.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/swing3.wav is a stereo sample
player/body1.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/body1.wav is a stereo sample
player/body2.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
player/body2.wav is a stereo sample
rocketboy/excellent.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
rocketboy/excellent.wav is a stereo sample
rocketboy/humiliation.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
rocketboy/humiliation.wav is a stereo sample
rocketboy/impressive.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
rocketboy/impressive.wav is a stereo sample
rocketboy/perfect.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
rocketboy/perfect.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/laseron.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/laseron.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/laseroff.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/laseroff.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/laserg0.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/laserg0.wav is a stereo sample
weapons/laserg1.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
weapons/laserg1.wav is a stereo sample
zombie/z_hit.wav missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
zombie/z_hit.wav is a stereo sample

The latter, could mean case-sensitivity issues, but I see you do not use any uppercase in naming altogether; hopefully also in the upstream code.

Thank you for your comments! Another game can be started directly from the QSS console. You just need to type the command “games” and all additional modifications will appear on the screen, then type “game xxx” where " xxx " is the name of the modification.

Updated the assembly to revision 3.

Changes (added):

  • I completely redesigned and rounded the geometry in it and fixed the flash skin which is ALWAYS incorrectly converted. Damn it! I spent two days completely reworking the geometry of this stupid model, as well as testing and configuring this muzzle flash step by step!
  • I combined a properly walking model of a soldier from Arcane Dimensions with a model of a temple soldier from Q2021 that has a muzzle flash . Now he is not lame and does not twitch his right leg when walking and flames fly out of him when shooting from a rifle.
  • I corrected the poorly compiled feet and the glass frame in the suit to get a more rounded shape.
  • I added the missing model “spike2. mdl”.
  • I fixed the rocket launcher model. Fixed frames and removed muzzle flashes flying through the barrel when firing.
  • I replaced the model of the double-barreled lava gun with the model of the OSJC user. Many thanks to him for this.

I also attach an archive only with the folder “progs” with models from Q2021 for those who do not want to run my build. The fixes in the models are the same as in my build.

Download link in the first message of the topic.

Who has already managed to download my previous builds and PROGS files, please download them again.

Hello everyone!

The “progs” folder now contains all MD5 models and all converted MDL models.

Changes in the latest version (10.09.21):

  • The floating geometry of the nailgun model has been changed.
  • The geometry and flashes of the shot that were completely distorted during the conversion of the shotgun, super shotgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher models were restored close to the original.
  • Added a created rifle model with a moving reload animation.
  • Added models of multi grenade launcher, proxy mine launcher, multi rocket launcher, lava gun, lava super nailgun (by OJSC), plasma cannon, ogre model with 2 skins (by OSJC), tarbaby model with 3 skins (by OSJC) and five-sided laser spike model for Quake add-ons.
  • Fixed the geometry of the rifle model soldier+flash in a standing animation.
  • Fixed the geometry of the ogre model chainsaw which fell through the textures in the standing animation and the model itself hanging in the air was lowered to the floor.
  • Fixed the demon model where the claw fell through the textures in the death animation (by Tribal).

The updated version of the QSS 0.94.0 engine now supports models in the extra graphics options section and I think that this is probably my final update of the “progs” folder.
Yes, MD5 models do not float like melted candle wax when moving, but some of them have serious flaws:

  • The ogre model falls into the floor in all frames.
  • The soldier model has a curvature of the right leg of one of the walking frames.
  • In the demon model, the claw fails in the last frame of death.

I don’t know how to work with MD5 models, so I can’t fix it, and there is no skeleton and bones in the converted models, and therefore it is very difficult to fix them. Only frame-by-frame correcting the selected vertices.

Download link in the first message of the topic.

I updated the build to version 4 (download link in the first message of the topic.).

I hope that it is the final one.

All the changes are described in the previous message but the assembly uses more high-poly models and the version of the mod from Tribal has been updated.

Also in the first message there is a download link to the original TribalFX-01Ffixed mod.

NightFright and his friends released their updated revision “Authentic Model Improvements” at number 26.

Download link:

I updated the link to the archive “progs 10.09.21”. I added the model “v_lada2.mdl” which I forgot to include in the archive last time.

I am currently completely fixing the poor and error-prone MD5 model animations. I can’t handle the last four. I hope that I will fix them soon. Now the models will not twitch in most frames and fall through textures. I will also convert all models to MDL format.

Hi Andrew! Now i shall ask it to You. Can You create new id models for Drake which differ for few additional “headless” frames?

Unfortunately, I can’t do it. I can add keyframes to the MD5 model, but when I change the scale of the head to remove it completely, this scaling is repeated on all other frames. I’m not good at Blender, but I can only fix minor flaws.

Oh! That is not the thing what I means. I’m talking about models even not inherited out from md5. I’d like to prefer rather mdl models i.e. Lunaran’s knight Capnbubs’s dog Chillo’s wizard etc.