Quaddicted Suggestions

I figure I’ll get this forum started with a suggestion thread. Anyone have any features they want to suggest for Quaddicted? Any forum topics, changes to layout, improvements, etc. ? I can’t really think of any suggestion other than to have this…a suggestion thread. :wink:

Cheers to Spirit for adding this forum, a really really really cool new feature. This forum is really the biggest thing I would have suggested for the site a few days ago. I’m looking forward to see this forum grow. Happy posting everyone! :slight_smile:

is this a dead forum already:) anyway, i suggest a thread where discovered sp maps can be posted, and, hopefully spirit will review them and add them to the database.

Feel free to start one http://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=4

Hey goddogx, sorry that I have not yet worked through your list. I am currently going through a different user contribution, a list of errors from installations via the Quake Injector. Afterwards, your list is on my to-do.

A thread like that is a great idea. I created http://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8

This forum is not really public yet, so no surprise that no-one uses it. :wink:

Perhaps a feed of the latest reviews and ratings on the frontpage? Like, “onetruepurple rated Contract Revoked 5/5”.

Otherwise nobody ever notices new stuff on old pages. :frowning:

such info is available for registered users at http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/log.php

I did make it private to protect privacy but maybe that was overly cautious. It is also not linked anywhere I think. I would like to open that all up but also let people use (contribute to) the site in anonymity and such. gotta have to think about it some more. maybe a user option “public ratings/tags/etc” would be a good idea.

on that note I also need to select a proper license for contributions. should have done that right from the beginning… I guess user submissions are giving the site owner some rights what he can do with them but I would like to make everything available under a truly free license for future archival/preservation. anyone know what my rights on all the user submitted stuff are (i am german)?

Header links: Interviews would make more sense in the Articles section (not important or up-to-date enough to warrant a header link of its own). A link to the Tronyn Reviews bit in the Articles section would be good, possibly even links to each individual review.

A search option for the main page/wiki would be useful.

the functionality exists, but I have not added a search form because the split between wiki, forum and maps (and all the rest) sucks… http://www.quaddicted.com/?do=search&id=negke

I let yacy crawl everything but I did not configure it properly so there is a lot of junk in there too. http://www.quaddicted.com:8090 (add “site:quaddicted.com”) to restrict to it).

yacy should index .qc files. and zip inside zip (1 level!). then do the mod dump a we have a searchable index of sources.

The “random map” link should appear on every individual map page for more convenient randomizing (so one doesn’t need to go back to the list or front page every time).

I’d love to have a “random unplayed map” link that will get me a random map I haven’t yet rated. I’m already stumbling on the ones I’ve played while I’ve only rated around 40 of them.

Can you please remove this window:


It is useless and pointless for the standard user. I fed up at closing these windows.

You can add a small text-area in the right-side panel for displaying the engine output. I don’t think it is necessary to pop up a window every time user plays a map.

The “Additional Links” section for each map is great, but the links to Underworldfan’s site are all outdated (they take you to the inactive http://underworld.planetquake.gamespy.com/ instead of http://www.quakewiki.net/archives/underworld/. This may be true of other links too; I don’t know). I don’t know if there is a relatively easy and painless way to update those links, but if so, that would be great.

Secondly, might it not be good idea also to link to Func_Msgboard discussions of given maps? Not all quaddicted users are func members (or even lurkers) and may not stumble upon the discussion of the map they are playing by accident – end yet these discussions, by people who really know what they are talking about, often provide valuable background information and insight into the maps.

Yeah, I remember myself organizing those links and adding them one by one by hand to the respective .xml files - like, three years ago. Unfortunately, most of the sites went down soon after so the links got outdated. Since then, Spirit has been kindly hosting backups of the sites, but noone’s looked into updating the links unfortunately.

I just did step A for this. Uploaded https://www.quaddicted.com/webarchive/underworld.planetquake.gamespy.com/ with dead links changed from Fileplanet to Quaddicted. Did the same for teamshambler (badly…).

Why is there no login function on the front page?
Why do you have to go to the map page to login?

How about a link to “Articles” on the front page under Highlights? How about a link to the Quaddicted Advent Calendar under Articles, as well as the article “Gaming Made Me Quake” (linked in my entry), and the following recent commentary video about Quake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEcYylHhQvo ?
Also, Kell’s two articles, especially “Lovecraft in Quake” HAVE to be linked there.
What about links to the CustomGamer Quake videos on youtube?
Hell, even “If Quake were Made Today” (a hilarious video describing the decline of FPS design) deserves to be on there.
Also, I think there was another mainstream article about Quake in the last couple years (comparable to “Gaming Made Me Quake”) that got lost somewhere. If I find it I’ll let you know.
Basically, I think the articles section is in need of an overhaul.

“If Quake were Made Today” was right on as many notes as it was wrong on.

]Better date format: “04-Jan-2014” instead of “04.01.2014”. The current one is unnecessarily confusing to a large number of users. Changing it should be a simple matter of find/replace on the database./]
]Fix or workaround for the author links on map pages. Currently, names with multiple words make the filter either only search for the first word or replace spaces and special characters so that it returns zero results./]