Quake 1 Player

Well, first of all I’m a SinglePlayer.
I like modelling for Quake but I’m rather focussed on monsters and weapons.
This is a rather kinky scripting but as far as it goes well.

What would happen if the Quake1 player would get some new poses?
It would be a fine experience but it would enter the trashold of deathmatch.
And as far as it goes it should also mean it had to have the right code.

So I started a new Quake1 player with new poses like crunching, jumping, climbing and swimming.
With some skill I could turn it into a new Quake1 player and watch it play in DM.
Then add some code to see how far I could get it subroutine its AI.

If you like the idea, here’s a new Q1 player where you can watch the behaviour as you add youre code.
I made it accordingly the original player and added the new poses to it.
To make it work you’ll need to add the right subsequence of the player.
From there it should be possible to add the new code.


Here’s the model of the new Q1Player :


Any comment apreciated.


Tried the link, not working. Sounds like you have struck again, cant wait to see what you have done w the player.mdl
keep up the nice modeling work !

Yes, the Quake Anniversary2016 had its coming.
Now it will work.

Woow, what a great set of monsters Madfox!
I find them all inside fourfather pak except the crossbow knight.
Is there a chance to get my hands on it?

Welcome to my little creepy’s.
The crossbow knight wanders in “VeniVidiFuzi”.

To be honest, I’m really not fond of your player character: the model seems identical (or at least very similar) to the grunt/player vanilla model, I don’t like the texture and I don’t really care for new animations, except if they can be used as new player abilities like crouching or climbing. The crossbow knight, stoolpidgeon and especially the Old One are pretty cool and would be perfect additions to the Q1 bestiary. The others wouldn’t fit IMHO, though the amazone might be good in Q2 and the 2nd eyeball in Q3. The Old One looks a bit like Shub-Niggurath with more tentacles - what size is it and are they supposed to be related?

By the way, I’m thinking about trying my hand at mapping once again (I did back in the day but I never got to finish any functioning map; Trenchbroom seems more user-friendly than the tools that existed 15-20 years ago, so maybe this time I’ll finally get the hang of it). I have what I think would be a cool idea for a full-on lovecraftian episode but that would require some creatures that are neither in the original game nor in Quoth. I’d especially like to include Deep Ones - the fish men that we saw in Call of Cthulhu DCOTE - and possibly Yithians. Do you have anything like these, and if not would you be interested in modelling them if I carry out my plan?

PS: What’s that Elden (Elder?) Ogre you mentioned?

@bfg666 - Right!

You don’t care about new animations except if they can be used as new player abilities?

I made a new playermodel that has this new abilities to see how it would work in Deathmatch.
More in the way of understanding the knowhow to modify the qc so it corresponds with the game.
You may not like it shape of the texture, but I think that’s secundary to its purpose.
That’s just a skin changing incident, more important is that the new poses fit in the old ones.

I’m aware not everyone is glad with the new monsters, as they “break” the original hierarchy.
The reason is that I am learning to get an new entity in Quake, as the clumpy stegosaurus shows.
I know a model like “Bender” is a joke, but I think even a creature like JackJazz would fit in.
Of course that’s a personal opinion, but as we’re evaluating monsters I can’t imagine
a soldier comparing to an Ogre or hellspawn does make sense.

It was my purpose to invite the Q2 & Q3 monsters to Quake1 making them interactive to the three Qworlds.

<What’s that Elden (Elder?) Ogre you mentioned?>
In the original TestQuake there were these two new monsters, the elden ogre with a shield,
and that flying serpent what looked like a bat.
It was my long tempted wish to convert them to active monsters.

<I’m thinking about trying my hand at mapping once again >
Yeah! Map On!

Do you have examples, modelfile or suggestions? Mapping and modelling are two things. If you can give me an idea I'll see what I can do.

Well I’m mostly a single player so in a first person view, player animations hardly matter… :wink: I know looks weren’t your purpose, just adding my two cents.

Yeah well I’m very glad they went with the leather apron and the chainsaw instead, like Leatherface. Ogres are much creepier this way! These might fit in medieval maps but not in the other settings, and the final design is much better.

Currently building my very first test map in Trenchbroom.

Search for Deep One and Yithian in Google Image and you’ll get plenty of references. Focus on the more creepy depictions. I’m planning a true lovecraftian horror mod, so I’m not interested in the goofy versions. These two Deep Ones, for example, really rock IMHO:

It’s harder to find non-goofy Yithians but this one is pretty good except for the two thingies on his head:
You can also check for screenshots/videos of the Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth videogame. I really liked their Yithians, though they did depart a bit from the classic design.

Anyway, you have time. Before I carry on with this plan, I’m gonna make a number of single maps to get acquainted with the tools and methods.

Some fine models there, but they’re all high poly.
Turbosquid has models for free, problem is Quake needs low poly’s.

Example is a monster.dxf, for use in Quake there was a 8time decimation of the vertexes.
That’s a rough trade for compensating the original, then it needs texturing and animating.

Quake’s environnement goes to 2000tris/1000verts.
So after converting it bleached out to a simpeler model.

It’s better to give some examples in 3DS or DXF file format.

What the player model concerns, this is only visible in Deathmatch mode.
In single player only the soldier.mdl is used, not the player.mdl.

Wow, I don’t know what this monster is supposed to be but even the low-poly, untextured version looks great when animated! Look, as I told you it’s a long way from now so keep that in mind. Do some research if you need to, but the actual work won’t be months from now at the very best. I want to become good (or at least comfortable) with the tools before attempting to do something that ambitious. Because we’re talking TC here, with a bunch of new monsters (including AD bestiary) and at least one episode’s worth of maps, probably linked together (starting point of map is exit of previous one), and if possible a full game with 3 or 4 episodes. But that’s the endgame, so for now let me focus on building a few maps just to shape my hand.

I started mapping for Quake since 1999, and I made a kind of episode.
The quality was rather poor, but my interest was replaced by making entities.
So the example is a replacement for the knowhow to convert highpoly models to Qauke1.

As I wrote earlier…, mapping and modelling are different things, as coding is.
I’m not planning anything and my time is also restrickted.
I’m just extending on enthousiasm for the game, and how it dissolves.

When you say " kind of episode", do you mean Abandon? As it happens, I’m currently playing it. It is indeed quite poorly designed, with a lot of visual artefacts, especially underwater, and absolutely no clear sense of where to go, what to do and which button triggers what. I hope I’ll do better… :wink: That said, there are interesting bits and pieces here and there that could have made a much better mod if they were woven more tightly and with a stronger gameplay flow. Speaking of, I’m completely stuck at the beginning of R1B8 aka True Sailor. There’s a big room with the bottom filled with water, two locked key doors and I can’t find any passage to continue. I’ve looked at every wall, every corner, even underwater, but to no avail. And I’m not wasting hours hacking away at every inch of wall, that’s never fun. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, is that your crossbow knight I just saw in Arcane Dimensions?

Ah! I see, yes I must admit it is one of my guilty pleasures.
I made the example, because now I have a “slight” idea about mapping I can see what can go wrong.
Some levels like crumb and gravey trail are more accessable.

In “true Sailor” there is an outcorner in the bottom filled water with a different texture.
When shooting it the wall opens and out cornered is the silver key.
Bad thing is when returning the wall is closed again
and when not using r_wateralpha 0.5 in water it’s hard to find it again.

For your convience I made a demo of it.
If you have 7zip you can extract it.

After hitting the box with MAX3D I finally managed to get a compatible dxf player model in the pose directory.
That’s in fact the reason I opened the thread, although I know this is more a mapping board.

The Q1player I showed is the result of a new animation poses where I tried to copy the originals.
The reason for this was that the animation programm I used translated the dxf files to other tris/verts results.
This is a kind of odd behaviour that these old dxf files no longer present or they differ quiet much.
That’s also the reason the shape of the player is slightly different than the original.

Max3d can import/export dxf files, but as I experienced after lots of bad results the start frame is rather ambigue.
As I imported them there was only one of the many that had the 212verts - 408tris, important to export them compatible.
Then I needed the right export filter for max to use, as all my dxf files didn’t have triangles.
I endede up with a filter called “HDxfExp.dle” what made it up in tris or squads and Qmle imported it well.
From there it is more learning to use the behaviour of the bone structure.

I know there are other methods to do it, I tried the Tempest pack to force Gmax exporting mdl3 files,
but it just didn’t work on my computer.

Result of the first addon file I made for the Quake1 player.


Yes, I found it, thank you. I didn’t need the demo actually, just your indications were enough. I simply wasn’t expecting that the way to continue the level would be via a secret. This is indeed a prime example of poor design. The rest of the map was pretty enjoyable, though. Why did you call this map True Sailor, by the way?

Do you still have the .maps to Abandon, or can you authorize me to check the contents of the .pak file? I’d like to look into it in Trenchbroom. And maybe try to make a better version with your blessing.

I guess this is Ranger’s idle animation, right? It’s already much better than id’s original that was very weird and unrealistic. Now, is it possible to slow down the animation? I’ve always thought the breathing movement in Quake was much too fast and it’s the same with yours. Slowing it down x4, for example, would make it more lifelike.

I did play your demo nonetheless, just out of curiosity for your playing style, but… you play Quake with a gamepad? It looks like it.

I still have the map files, there is only a rare backslash…,
they were made with editors like “Thread”, “Qmap” and “Qoole”.
So it isn’t the poor mapping only, some of them are far out of grid they hardly compile without leaks.
There were some levels I published as standalone though, like “GraveyTrail”, “Quatrotsky” and “OnePair”.

I named the map “TrueSailor” as it was the first impression I had while I started mapping.
Later it stayed that way, so I have no logic explanation of my intuition.

It’s possible to slow down the animation by changing the framerate in qc.
It can make the pose more realistic, but also changes the “mood” of the entities.
With the commen framerate they all “dance” in the same music bounce.

I’m still one of the fossilic keyboard players you rarely encounter.
I get weird seeing that musket trackball players, Ha!

Yes, I saw those standalone maps on Quaddicted. Any difference between those and their Abandon versions? Checking out your .map files would at first only be to look at how you did them. If I take on the task of modifying/updating them, I may have to rebuild them from scratch to make them more on grid, so the .maps would only be used as templates as I rebuild them in TB. Actually, thinking about it, I believe working on remixes first before attempting to make my own original maps would be a great experience for me. So, can I have the .map files? Please? If you don’t want to release them publicly, I can understand, just send me a download link in PM.

Wow, a keyboard-only player! Respect! It must make the game really hard, I noticed you often run out of ammo. Is there a particular reason why you don’t use a mouse?

About the animation: If I understand what you’re saying correctly, changing the framerate would make it more like a slideshow, unless you can add more frames, but then it would make every entity move in sync. Am I right?

@-bfg666 check your PM.

I don’t use a mouse because I need my left hand for shooting and dodging,
and my right hand for navigation.
My first attempt to use a mouse made me spin so I left it.

If you double the frames of the animation they all make their idle stand in tune.
It’s a hard job reanimating them, as they need to be reboned and get back into pose.
But it also is a joy to see them come alive.

Thanks man, that’s very cool of you to send me these. Uh, actually I never used this site’s PM system before and I can’t seem to find my mailbox. I’ve checked the various pages but nada, and the help page doesn’t mention it. Where should I look?

My first introduction to FPS was Doom on PlayStation way back then. But when I got my first PC, I very gladly embraced the joys of playing with a mouse and I never looked back. Yes, it required some time to adjust, but it came very quickly. You should have insisted a little. It’s so much more natural to look around with the mouse, and also faster and more precise.

Heh, “reboned”… Still funny. Yeah, I should probably mention that I’m Mugwump at Func_Msgboard. Since you’re dutch you may not know this but “to bone” is also a slang verb that means “to fuck”. So, boning a model… Ahem. Anyway, animation seems like a very tedious job. Well, if you feel up to the task, I’d love to one day see Ranger, and the monsters too (especially the monsters since I mostly play solo), breathe more naturally.