Quake Injector feedback

Hey there, I’ve registered to open this topic. French longtime Doomer, I give some love to the Quake series too.

So, I use Quake Injector since a week ago and I have to say it’s the most awesome tool I’ve ever used to play mods. Previously it was the Undergate from QuakeOne that grabbed my interest.

Here are few thoughts and errors I have been experiencing:

  • could we set an engine for specific maps? For exemple I use Quakespasm for everyday use but if I want to play Nehahra I have to use Darkplaces… Minor annoyance though as I’ve made a specific shorcut for this particular mod.

  • speaking of Nehahra, unless I am mistaken the Seal of Nehahra isn’t included in the archive. As I had Nehahra installed prior to my use of Quake Injector, I couldn’t watch the demos anymore and had to reinstall the pack.

  • For the 1000 brush winter pack (dkt1000), it says it doesn’t find the map.bsp. No problem if I launch it with a shortcut instead of QI…

  • aard100 (The Secret Castle) doesn’t launch, in the same manner as dkt1000.

That’s it for now. Keep it up! This tool is so awesome that we are discussing about a clone for Doom/DoomII/Heretic/Hexen/Strife on Doomworld! http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/59671-a-doom-equivalent-to-quake-injector/

Thanks for reporting these issues. Dkt1000 and aard100 should be fixed now, please try again. Though it should be noted that aard100 is now treated as a normal map, albeit in its own mod directory so the progs.dat doesn’t mess up the id1/maps/ folder. In order to use the included (optional) corpse removal progs.dat, it has to be manually moved to the aard100 folder. It’s not necessary for Quakespasm, however.

Ideally, there would a few more options to take care of cases where maps come with progs.dat or other custom content but without the corresponding folder structure, so the files will be installed properly regardless. Maybe a check box where players can choose whether or not to use the mod code (when it’s optional). And also something along the lines of an expanded dependencies field which allows the installation of additional files like patches, neh movie, soundtrack etc. that come as individual files.

TODO: There’s still a whole bunch of other releases in the database that do not work with QI due to improper settings. Since the current version of QI doesn’t have a “report problem” feature, we’ll have to go through them from time to time, and hope people report errors here. Perhaps a sticky thread for QI and other map list-related issues?

I confirm it now works like a charm. Thanks for the speedy fix! I’ll try to report other similar problems.

Another kind of problem meanwhile: installing “Arcanum” can be problematic as “drake” isn’t in the database (although it looks like it’s included in the mod “unforgiven”). I had to download it through a link that I was lucky enough it was still working.

Sounds good to me. Perhaps even installing source ports when there is a port-specific mod (although it may be rare for Quake comparatively to Doom)?

The latest version of Drake doesn’t have a database entry, but it’s in the filebase (linked on the Arcanum description page). I’ve just changed the dependency entry to match the filename - not sure if it works in the QI now. Also note that there’s a newer version of Arcanum available http://necros.quaddicted.com/downloads/Tronyn/arcanum.zip which has certain performance issues fixed. The file at Quaddicted has not been updated, yet.

I don’t think an extra setting for source ports is necessary. As far as I know, only Nehahra requires a specific port; there’s no distinct DarkPlaces-only map in the list. A number of other maps need to be played in ports with increased limits of which there are several now, and it’s usually mentioned on the description page of the level (and thus displayed in QI).
What might be of some help is a short list of recommended/example ports that’s integrated into the QI, or a link to the engine page in the Quaddicted wiki. A quick “getting started” guide of sorts.

It’s still telling me Drake can’t be installed automatically. Thanks for the informations regarding Arcanum.

Looks like sourceport-wise it’s much less chaotic than Doom, where you have to toy with complevels and else to get the best experience from wad to wad :slight_smile:

Another minor annoyance: “Alkado” launch with its own config file. I had to copypaste mine from /Id1 to /alkado.

BTW and offtopic, what it is with this “drunk bobbing” in Alkado? Is that set in the ADVANCE.CFG included? Very weird mod.

asylum: same annoyance than alkado.
asylum_2: “couldn’t spawn on map.bsp”

Asylum_2 should work now. [Uhh, actually I’m not sure - did you select “asylum” in the start map tab?] The other issues can’t be resolved without modifying the release zips, so you’ll have to manually delete the configs, I’m afraid. They were just poorly packaged by the authors.

For asylum_2 I couldn’t select any map. I reloaded the database and downloaded asylum_2, this time it tells me “couldn’t open file! No files extracted from zip, is it an empty file?”.

That’s fine for the config files, they aren’t as much of a problem when you are techy enough. Newbies will usually start with better rated maps anyway.

I have a big doubt on chapters: I downloaded it once a few years ago on Underworldfan and I clearly remember a start map and more than two maps.

Oops, how did that happen… Fixed now, thanks.

Also, Spirit: can you take a look at asylum_2, see what the problem is? Actually, could the problem be related to the fact (I assume) there’s already another asylum.bsp installed and the QI doesn’t know how to deal with the new file? Kusanageek, does it work if you uninstall the other Asylum map first?

Thanks! Great to see this beautiful start map once again.

Tip: several source ports, such as Fitzquake and Quakespasm, can list all maps installed in ID1 and the current game (mod) directory with the “maps” console command.

No idea, I get that error too. Seems like a weird ZIP format. Remind me to repackage it (or do it)

Uninstalled asylum and QI is still telling me the file can’t be extracted and could be empty. Looked inside asylum and asylum_2 and the former has a pak0.pak while the later is directly a bsp file. Is that information relevant?

I fixed asylum_2. You need to remove the previously downloaded zip file from your downloads directory before trying again. That map is really crappy. :slight_smile:

It works, thanks! Yeah it’s really weird (especially the teleporters). There are one or two funny parts though.

Edit: something really awesome would be to extend the search function to descriptions of mods e.g. typing “Knave” if I want to play other maps using Contract Revoked theme (like red777).

I have both hipnotic and rogue installed from CD, but under engine configuration it will not save this setting and shows up under the command line window:

Setting Requirements
Can’t set installed on UnavailableRequirement rogue
Can’t set installed on UnavailableRequirement hipnotic

This happens each time I re-launch Quake Injector. In addition there are some maps in the database that are passing the wrong commandline arguments to start the map. and example is necrobrood. Quake Injector is passing the argument: J:\QUAKE1\quakespasm.exe -game necro +map necrobrood, when it should pass: J:\QUAKE1\quakespasm.exe -game necro +map necro. I don’t recall the other maps that had problems, right off hand, without going back through the list.


Necrobrood fixed.
No idea about the config thing, that’s Spirit’s domain.

No idea about that either. Happens for me too, I never noticed. :frowning: