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]Preview rendering has broken CSS/]
]Forum has ugly header navlinks/]

Psst, that’s e4m7.

negke is to blame!

And that was a good example of a bad bug report. Next time please include the page where you found that image. :wink:

Fixed, thanks!

This time I have a better bug report! :wink:

I’m having some weird problem with image thumbnails on the whole website. Everything is fine when the page is loading:

However as soon as the website is done downloading, the thumbnails break down:

Could this be something on my end? I haven’t seen anybody else having this problem so I’m stumped.

Wicked stuff. I have no idea what might be causing this. :frowning:

It is impossible to change opinion on the map rating.
Windows/Chrome 16

I realised what otp’s issue was. The images are gone but they were still in the browser cache. So they loaded from cache, then the browser checked their URLs, realised they were missing and thus removed them. I should really re-upload them. Sorry!

AAS: It’s not meant to work. But I think it would be a useful feature. It would require quite a bit of work on my end so I will probably rather remove the “impression of it working” instead of adding the possibility. If you want a rating changed, you can mail me and I will do it manually.

Tags: Using capital letters returns a “don’t use funny characters” message.

Totally a feature to reduce the number of different tags. I think.

Well I understand its purpose, but the message could be clearer. I ended up adding a bogus “333” tag to czg00 trying to replicate it :frowning:

Ah, yes. The classic triple-bollocks tag. Very appropriate in this case. :smiley:

Changed that message to “only lowercase a-z and 0-9 are allowed in tags”. Thanks.

travail_soundtrack had a broken download link, negke added the proper link to and I just removed travail_soundtrack from the map system.

Saw this weirdness on Chrome 26 (which just updated yesterday) running on Windows 7.

See how some of the type is uneven? Strange thing though, I opened a new Tab and dismissed a message about the new spell check feature in Chrome and now the site looks fine.


That was my subtle April Fools prank. Sorry. :wink:

OMG! Good one Spirit.

Spirit, I’m seeing an error on Chrome 27 under Windows 7.

On the right side, text is bleeding over the border.


Eek, that is not good. Was it always like this or did that occur only recently? IE seems affected too.

Another bug: Images eg on lost their margins!


It seemed to occur recently, perhaps within the last week or so. Did you make a change during that time frame?


Nothing that should have affected the frontpage, but I guess I accidentally did. Will look into it later. Thanks!