Welcome to the new Quaddicted forum 👋

Welcome to the new Quaddicted forums.
The map commenting and rating system is now also powered by this.

As you can see, the old forums were imported. And there is a files forum full of cryptic topics.

I hope that I imported most things correctly. This was a lot of work… If you spot anything broken (that is not covered below), please shout.

What is new
Many things but most importantly the way ratings and comments work:

On the map pages you will see that comments and ratings are now loaded from these forums.

Due to the history of the site, the import was hard. Older comments were posted without without accounts, ratings were independent from comments but aren’t anymore, etc. You will see posts saying “[User added a rating]” which were necessary to register those ratings. Future ratings won’t pollute the threads like that.

You can edit your comments now, you get markdown preview, you can upload images, etc etc etc. Any other great new features you noticed? Post them below!

Your accounts should work, if not, please contact me. Your usernames might look slightly different (Spaces vs underscores and other nonsense), sorry about that, Discourse has different opinions on naming things…

The files threads have weird cryptic names because those are sha256 checksums of the files discussed within. I know its ugly but you are not really supposed to browse the threads in the forums. They are meant to be looked at on the map pages. :grimacing:
The old site uses/used filenames as identifiers which broke when people started releasing new versions of their files with the same filenames. Using those checksums is future-proof and properly nerdy.

This will enable external tools to add comments and ratings. Maybe one day you will be able to write your reviews right within an engine?

Sadly there will probably be no new additions to the database for a while. I’ll try to upgrade the review system as fast as I can to get everything running well but it is still a huge amount of work.

How to add comments and ratings now?
On the map’s page click “Continue Discussion” at the bottom:

Then select your rating and add some text:

What is not working yet

  • Ratings on the pages at https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/*.html are not yet taken from this new system
  • Aggregate ratings at Quaddicted.com: Quake Singleplayer Maps are not yet taken from this new system
  • Same for the ratings shown in the Quake Injector
  • The homepage https://www.quaddicted.com is not using the news feeds from this new system
  • Basically everything but ratings and comments and forum posts :wink:
  • You cannot comment and rate directly on the map page anymore (sadly… if you know the Discourse API well, help would be highly appreciated to re-enable this!). Instead you have to “continue [the] discussion” in the forums.
  • I had to manually create some user accounts to properly register ratings of a certain time period (from when users could rate things but authentication was not powered by fluxbb). If you cannot log in due to that, contact me.

Everything is new and I love it
Great! If you have further suggestions, please shout! This forum is pretty fancy and modern, so I am sure there are many new features we could use and enjoy. If you are good with design, this forum and the embedded comments on map pages could really use your help. Tell your friends and family. Let’s have a good time here.

Everything is different and I hate it
Sorry but this will provide a solid base for the future of the maps and files system. If you have suggestions for changes and improvements, or even volunteer to step up , your help would be highly appreciated.

But why!!!?!??
Because this enables me to work on the rest of the site without having to worry about user accounts, authentication and all that. Expect bigger changes in the future.

I hope you will appreciate the forum face-lift and that you can tolerate the slight hodgepodge look and interaction.

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No idea why registration isn’t working :frowning: I’ll look into it tomorrow.

If you managed to login in, please say hi!

It was a bug in Discourse, should work now.

FWIW, I couldn’t log in with my old password, but the “mail me a link” option worked to get me in (and then I could set the password).


Hm, I guess this new system also doesn’t have a nice way to change your displayed username?

(not pooping on your update/migration work, just happened to be the first thing I went looking for)

Ah, that makes sense. The passwords are hashed differently in the old forum and the new for safety. Thanks for reporting!

Actually that should be a breeze! In your user preferences I think you can change your username and you can also set your “name”. I think the latter is used throughout the site if set.

Neither is correct.

But I can enable a setting to show the “full name” with the “username” next to it instead of just the “username” as currently shown. I will go through the users’ current “full names” and remove all that have hints of personal information before enabling this. Then it will look like this:


Hiya! I was browsing through Quoth-tagged resources last night and noticed the singular change in appearance… today I logged in — required password reset, painless. Discourse is a good choice and it’s fantastic you managed to preserve and import everything, great work!

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Works so far, Great Job!

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I’m in. Forgot I changed my email so I was looking at the wrong Inbox - sorry for the confusion @Spirit

Looks great here!

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When I saw the thing first time, I thought that I am hating it, but I think it is a matter of expectations and being used to one format rather than the other. Logging in probably eases navigating around the forum. Anyway, good that you upgraded it, looks like something is happening towards an improvement.

Same, it is quite different from a classic forum. But the software grew on me in other places.

It certainly has plenty of modern features and quality of life stuff, it is nice in that regard. The sidebar forum is more confusing than anything else in my opinion and it really made a big deal of the first bad impression I had. The forum navigation itself is mostly handy.

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Good call, I cleaned that up a bit and restructured categories. Is this better?

Yeah it’s cleaner for sure.

Now i can edit my old post, it is good news! And, how about pictures? They will be displayed again (somehow) or I should fix i t manually?

Thank You, Spirit for Your work!

I confused a little bit, why there is no link here to main site “quaddicted.com”.
Or quaddicted.com becomes now discuss.quaddicted.com definitely?

Thanks, I forgot. Added a header now.

Pictures should work, do you have specific posts where there are issues?

Both my threads


does not show any pics, just links on it.

Ah poop, those weren’t converted properly by the migration tool. Sorry :frowning:

Do they appear if you edit your post once and save?

I cannot add demos either.