Welcome to the new Quaddicted forum πŸ‘‹

Yes, it works:

Now I should fix all of the post step by step. Wooh!

Where exactly? Demo uploading to map review pages was removed some weeks ago, after having been announced months before. https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1325

It will be back, some day and different.

Yea, I read the announcement. The feature remained a decent time afterwards that I thought the cancelling had been cancelled. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Wow, Spirit! I impressed of some good-new features while posting. External links now has a little preview, its great! And (finally) users can post images direct from theirs PC - woohooo!
By the other hand changing the way to rate/discuss a maps is, hmm, so unusual, that some time is needed to get used to.


Yeah it is definitely not ideal. I hope someone will write something that works right on the map pages.

I have now β€œmuted” the files category so that it’s cryptic titles do not appear in the latest posts list anymore.

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The new forum looks great. But I’m worried about how the new rating system works now.
I had a dream to play every map on the site. And the old ratings were handy to find new maps for that.
You rated 661/1802 releases, 1141 to go.
Is there any chance this counter will work in the future?

Yes, that feature is absolutely crucial and will be back for sure!