Licensing thoughts

I am a huge proponent of free culture, free software etc. So I want to make sure this site is free in a way that people can use and re-use, mirror (in a limited sense) and archive it.

So I would love some input on a good license or rather good licenses to use for the various parts of the site.


I, Spirit, can do anything with any user-submitted content (comments, forum posts, page edits, etc). This is just a precaution and to make sure I can adapt licenses properly or even transfer the site to someone else if needed. I would never sell any of this. I think this clause might be implicit standard anyways?

For interviews, articles, comments, reviews(?), anything that should only be use verbatim:

For the file archives/databases:
No claim of database rights or anything like that. Everyone shall copy, mirror, host this.

The metadata (file infos, screenshots, ratings) for the maps should be something like: or maybe odbl?

What about external quotes, eg when quoting readme files etc? This is complicated.